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Dr. Irena Kalhousová is Head of The Herzl Center for Israeli Studies and an Assistant Professor at Charles University. Before joining the faculty, Irena was an analyst at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv, a researcher at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya in Israel, a chief analyst at the Prague Security Studies Institute, and Head of the Middle-Eastern programme at the Association for International Affairs in Prague. Since 2008, she is an analyst and a member of the programme committee at the Foundation Forum2000.

Irena specializes in Israel, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and in relations between Central European countries and Israel. In her PhD thesis, she looked at relations between Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Israel. Using IR theory which builds on constructivism, historical analysis, and politics of memory, she analysed historical roots of foreign policies of the three Central European countries towards Israel.

Irena is the author of articles and book chapters focused mostly on security and foreign policy in the Middle East and Central Europe. She also wrote expert analyses for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic. She regularly appears as an expert on the Middle East and foreign policy of Central Europe in Czech and international media.   


2019 Head of the Herzl Center for Israel Studies, Charles University, CZ

Managing a research and teaching center focused on contemporary Israel and relations between Israel and Central European countries.

2019 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, CZ

Courses taught:

- Israel: Politics and Society (undergraduate)

- The Israeli-Arab Conflict (undergraduate)

- Israel’s Foreign Policy (undergraduate)

- Foreign Policy of the Visegrad Countries Towards Israel (graduate)

- History, Memory, and Politics: Central Europe and Israel (graduate)

2020 Member of the Management for Online Teaching, Institute for International Studies, Charles University, CZ

Teaching and organizing training courses for academic staff focused on online teaching.


2022-2026 PRIMUS: A four-year research grant, Charles University, CZ

Primary Investigator

Topic: The Past is Present: The Use and Misuse of Traumatic Historical Events in Foreign Policy

Budget: $490.000

2020 – to date Peace Research Center Prague, Charles University Center of Excellence

Research Fellow

Topic: Public attitudes toward Israel in Central European countries

2020-2023 e-NOTE: European Network on Teaching Excellence, funded by the EU’s Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Framework

Research Fellow


2014 - 2019 Ph.D. London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

Department of International Relations

Thesis Title: Our Jews, our Israel: Origins of the Foreign Policy of Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary Towards Israel, Supervisor Dr Federica Bicchi

2006 - 2007 M.Phil. University of Cambridge, UK

Department of International Relations and European Studies

Thesis title: EU-Israeli Bilateral Relations, Supervisor: Prof Christopher Hill

2001 - 2005 B.A. Hebrew University Jerusalem, Israel

Department of Political Science


2020 Teaching with Impact, The Israeli Institute, USA

A three-day workshop designed for scholars who teach about modern Israel.

2015 – 2016 Postgraduate Certificate (Associate Level) in Higher Education,

London School of Economics and Political Science, UK.

Modules completed: Developing Teaching Practice, Supporting Students Learning, Course Evaluation and Quality Frameworks

2016 ECPR Winter School in Methods and Techniques, Bamberg, Germany

Course attended: Comparative Historical Analysis


2021 (one month) Summer Institute for Israel Studies, Schusterman Center for Israel Studies, Brandeis University, Boston, USA

Visiting Scholar

2018 (three months) European University Institute, Florence, Italy

Visiting Fellow

2013 (six months) Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel

Masaryk Distinguished Chair


2018 Nortia Scholarship, EU (€2000)

2017 The Sir Patrick Gilliam Scholarship Fund, LSE, UK (£2000)

2016 Santander Travel Grant, LSE, UK (£2000)

2015 Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, USA ($5000)


2021 Golden Course Faculty Teaching Award for the best undergraduate course, Charles University, CZ


2015 - 2018 Graduate Teaching Assistant, London School of Economics, Department of Government, UK

Course taught: Political Systems in Europe

2007 - 2012 Lecturer, Anglo-American University, Prague, CZ

Courses taught: The EU-Israel Relations, The Arab-Israeli Conflict, The History of European Integration, Institutions of the EU


2013 – 2014 Institute for National Security Studies, Tel Aviv, Israel

Research Fellow: Writing of analysis and research papers on the Middle East and security.

2010 - 2013 Prague Security Studies Institute, Prague, Czech Republic

Chief Analyst: Writing of analysis and research papers on the Middle East, security and transatlantic relations for, e.g., Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior; managing research projects; organizing and chairing conferences; teaching and tutoring securities studies students.

2009 - 2010 Association for International Affairs, Prague, Czech Republic

Head of the Middle East Program, Analyst: Managing projects on the Middle East and the foreign policy of the EU; writing of analysis and research papers.


2003 – to date TV, Radio, and Printed and Electronic Media

Broadcasting Commentator & Analyst: Making live commentaries covering Israel, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and current Middle Eastern affairs; writing commentaries (44 live appearance in 2019, 49 in 2020, 54 in 2021).

2009 – to date Foundation Forum 2000, Prague, Czech Republic - Founded by Václav Havel

Member of the Program Committee: organizing and chairing the panels.

2008 - 2009 Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Prague, Czech Republic

Project Coordinator: Performing conceptual and organizational preparation of the activities and publications of the HBS during the Czech presidency of the European Council; reporting about the political development in the Czech Republic.

02/2005 - 07/2005 Holocaust Museum Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, Israel

Processing Pages of Testimonies that commemorate those who perished during the Shoah.


Journals (peer-reviewed)

- 2021, Kalhousová, Irena, „Ženy v izraelské společnosti,” [Women in Israeli Society] Nový Orient, 74(3), pp. 50-60.

- 2020, Kalhousová, Irena & Stela Rubínová, “The Visegrád Group and Its Voting Patterns on the Israeli-Arab/Palestinian Conflict in the UN General Assembly,” Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs, 14(3), pp. 457-475.

- 2015, Kalhousová, Irena, “Relations between Israel and the Czech Republic: From Sentiment to Pragmatism?” Strategic Assessment, 18(3), pp. 93-104.

- 2013, Kalhousová, Irena, „Íránský jaderný program: nástroj domácí a zahraniční politiky,“ [Iranian nuclear programme: A domestic and foreign policy tool] Vojenské rozhledy, 22(54), pp. 42-57.

Book Chapters (peer-reviewed)

- 2021, Kalhousová, Irena, „Írán: skryté soupeření a hybridní operace,“ [Iran: hidden rivalries and hybrid operations] In: Vzestup a podoby hybridní války, Eds. Kurfürst, Jaroslav a Jan Paďourek, Academia, ISBN: 978-80-200-3237-9.

- 2016, Kalhousová, Irena, “Unwilling to Succeed: The Czech Position on U.S. Missile Defense – Between Strategy and Public Political Debate,” In: Arms Control and Strategic Stability in the Middle East and Europe, Eds. Landau Emily & Anat Kurz Tel Aviv.

- 2013, Kalhousová, Irena, „Nahý v trní: aneb pozice Izraele v proměněném arabském světě,“ [Israel after the Arab Spring] In: Arabské revoluce: Demokratické výzvy, politický islám a geopolitické dopady, Ed. Beránek, Ondřej, Academia, ISBN: 978-80-200-2298-1.

Working papers (peer-reviewed)

- 2020, Kalhousová, Irena, Láska či pragmatismus. Vztahy České republiky, Polska a Maďarska k Izraeli, [Pragmatism or Love? Polish, Czech, and Hungarian Relations towards Israel] New Directions.

- 2017, Kalhousová, Irena, „Idee a praxe české zahraniční politiky,“ [Ideas and Practices in the Czech Foreign Policy] In: Maximum možného? 25 let samostatné české a slovenské zahraniční politiky, Eds. Dostál, Vít & Grigorij Mesežnikov, Kultbüro Sachsen e.V.

- 2009, Kalhousová, Irena, “The Hopelessness of the Middle East Peace Process,” The New Presence (2).

Work in progress

- Kalhousová, Irena, “Israel Studies in Central Europe: The Case of Czechia,” Journal of Israeli History (Submitted for a special issue).

- Kalhousová, Irena, “Populist Politics of Memory and Foreign Relations: Polish-Israeli Relations through a Theoretical Lense (under review by Foreign Policy Analysis).

- Kalhousová, Irena, Our Jews, Our Israel! Origins of the foreign policy of Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary towards Israel (Book manuscript in preparation, intended for a University Press).

Writings for general public

- 2021, Kalhousová, Irena, „Populista Netanjahu – jedna z příčin současného konfliktu,” Hospodářské noviny, 18.5.

- 2020, Kalhousová, Irena, „Referendum proti Netanjahuovi skončilo patem,” Deník E15, 5.3.

- 2020, Kalhousová, Irena, „Kdo rozumí Izraeli ví, že není jen zlý nebo hodný,” Hospodářské noviny, 27.5.

- 2020, Kalhousová, Irena, „Palestinci přicházejí o jedno z posledních es,” Hospodářské noviny, 17.8.

- 2020, Kalhousová, Irena, „Na Blízkém východě možná vzniká koalice proti politickému islámu,” Hospodářské noviny, 6.11.

- 2017, Kalhousová, Irena, “What Should Bibi Know before Landing in Budapest for the V4 summit?,” Visegrad Insight, 11.7.

- 2015, Kalhousová, Irena & Pavlína Schulz, “The Wingmen: A Story of Czechoslovak Pilots and Air-Force Technicians in the Service of Israel.” The Times of Israel, 20.4.

- 2014, Kalhousová, Irena, „Izrael v proměnách času,“ Prostor, 103/104, pp. 155-175.


2021 European International Studies Association, via Zoom

Conference Paper: Populist Politics of Memory and Foreign Relations: Polish-Israeli Relations through a Theoretical Lens.

2019 European Association for Israeli Studies, Charles University, CZ

Conference Paper: The Visegrad Four and Israel – Much Ado About Nothing?

2019 Association of Israeli Studies, Kinneret College, Israel

Conference Paper: Polish and Hungarian relations towards Israel: From an Admiration of a Start-up Nation to respect for an Ethnic Nation?

2018 Council for European Studies, Graduate Workshop, University of Chicago, USA

Paper: The Meaning of Israel in the Foreign Policy of Central European Countries: A Theoretical Outline

2016 ECPR Graduate Student Conference, Tartu, Estonia

Conference Paper: A Representation of the Historical Legacy in the Polish Foreign Policy towards Israel

2016 European Association of Israel Studies, Graduate Workshop, SOAS, London, UK

Conference Paper: Strange Bedfellows? History and Foreign Policy Analysis

2016 Association for Israeli Studies, Jerusalem, Israel

Conference Paper: A Representation of the Historical Legacy in the Czech Foreign Policy Towards Israel

Courses taught in the academic year 2021-22:

- Israel: Politics and Society (winter term)

- The Israeli-Arab/Palestinian Conflict (winter and summer term)

- History, Memory, and Politics: Central Europe and Israel (winter term)

- Israel’s Foreign Policy (summer term)



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